lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-03-14 19:09:00 (UTC)

hey, what would it mean to you?

ok so i've had all kinds of songs in my head lately so
that's why the titles have been soooo random ok? yep.

well the last few days have been youth group, we
did more dating, waiting, and mating & frankly i sometimes
tune it out...i'm young, i've heard it all before, read the
josh harris books, i don't have a boyfriend, don't have any
interested prospects that i'm aware of, etc...and by
listening i kinda make myself want a boyfriend more. so
sometimes it's easier just to nod when paul makes good
points but not really focus on it that evil?? am I

umm yeah & i am in love with jeff paul. not really but
he's rad. you guys have to meet him next time you're at my
school. he's fun :-) he gives me hugs all the time & even
though i don't need a kiss prostitute like marisa, it's
nice to have a huggy friend constantly. and on tuesday, he
grabbed my arm after 5th period and wouldn't let me go, and
he started taking me all around the school...i mean, it was
really weird, but it was funny. he told me he wouldn't let
me go until he was sure i would be late for class. ahh
you've gotta love that. but i followed him and he said, "i
wanna show you something secret!" and my first thought was
of like dirty teenage boys who do bad things...but he was
kidding around, and he just took me to the outside of the
school & walked up the outdoor stairs with me. and i was
late for class but in the grand scheme of things, it's all
chill. and then, yesterday, he grabbed me again after
class i started stroking his face so he'd let me go...but
he didn't, of course, and we just stood there being
weird...and then this guy came up & we started talking to
him. he's one of jeff's friends (a junior) and i dunno who
he is, but he sure is cute :-) yay to that. and finally,
the other guy said, "leave her alone! i'm taking a stand
for this chick!" and he grabbed jeff's arm & i swooned & it
was all pretty lame but high school is fun like that. ahh

so that was a long dumb story...but OH COOLNESS!! marisa's
testimony last night was sooo good & she did an awesome job
& her parents were sooo proud (actually, that was anna &
me, but never mind). and then my dad was all thrilled
because he had a deep talk w/ mr. henry & he said, "he is
one of the nicest people...he's always been nice, but he is
just fascinating to talk to." and that's cute cuz now maybe
our dads will get married & then we can all be family. uhh
wait that was really strange. ahh guess it's time to stop
then :-)

eww i have a concert tonight. 7:30. be there. aren't you
glad i invited you so far in advance? haha i didn't even
tell my mom about it till yesterday!!

well peace out!

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