2001-05-13 03:54:44 (UTC)


yesterday morning, my phone rang 5 times. all by 8:00a.m.
first time it was daddy trying to get a hold of me, but i
didn't answer it because i was half asleep. by the time i
finally decided to get it, no one was there. second time my
aunt tried calling, but agian i was asleep. third time i
actually did get it and it was bubba. he wanted to know if
mom was home, i told him she was at work. he hung up not
saying anything. the next time it was michelle calling to
tell me paw paw was in the hospital down at the general and
it did not look good, to get there fast. so i get dressed
real quick and was there by 9:00.doctors only gave him a
couple of hours, but he lasted till about 11:00p.m.
everyone was there and he knew that. he just went to sleep!
wake is tomorrow, funeral is monday. i miss him already. i
can see him sitting in his chair at the house clear as day.
talking and laughing. i don't want to remember him in the
hospital, in my mind he will always, be sitting in that
same chair, telling storys, and laughing at maw maw.
wanting to hold trevor or sammie. i love you so much it
hurts paw paw! watch over all of us close.