a rop through my mind....
2002-03-14 18:30:21 (UTC)

one more day....

just have to get through the rest of today and tomorrow
morning (chem test, physics quiz) and then i can go home!!
NH here i come!!!!!!!!

yeah, just trying to deal with all the shit thrown at me in
the past few days, yeah it sucks but i'll deal...

atemping to finish off my incompleate from last semester, it's going
slowly. writing papers was always tourtue before, but after not
writing them for awhile it gets even more tedious. though i did find
out yesterday that i will probably not have to write a reseach paper
for english 101!!! that makes me happy, draging bullshit out of my
ass has never been a talent of mine, and dragging 7 pages of it out
is even worse! hey, it's not my fault, it's just my problem! ech
i'll live, at least today is going better than yesterday, though that
isnt' too hard, this chem test is gonna kick my ass.....maybe...i
know like half the stuff, or at least i think i do...i'll study later
when i have a chance....

self doubting gets you nowhere but down, though that's been my
problem for well...a long time, but more so in the past few
days...trying to change that....I CAN DO IT! yeah, i need my own
pocket sized cheerleading squad (what else are you gonna do
with....nm, i'll just stop that coment right there, it's waaaay to
mean)...ok maybe i don't, *sigh* too much floating around in my mind
to try to get shit done...prolly bout time for me to go pick up my
comp anyway.....(yes they can't fix it, so i'm relagated to mathlab
for like, the rest of time :( ).