Sporty Tomboy

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2002-03-14 17:55:48 (UTC)


Hullo people again. im finally being updateish of my diary
:-D yay mary got my letter i lefted on her car she is my
booty police sista i cant wait to see the musical this
weekend with all you people. its gunna rock everything just
cuz i heard its sold out and its awesome and people cried.
wow i dont like crying in public! EEK! lets hope i donts.
lol well yes skydiving without a parachute is smart. thats
how im gunna die oh yeah. i have missed my people so much!
chris i like your ear piercing. very kewl! you need to stop
touching behind my knee in lunch!!!!! haha. tim is comfy
and so is shane i found it out in lunch today i was leaning
on people a lot cuz well yeah i can do that. logan still
wants to rape me ewwwwwwwwwwwe. kacey said the funniest
thing bout it yesterday but i forgotted. it was awesome. if
you really want to know ask me sometime when i am not being
so dumb. i saw alicia today too! wow it was amazing and she
gave me orange rubberband but she made me give it back i
was all sad, i didnt even have time to chew on it! rubber
tastes good i tell you! well she was hitting people with it
and i thought that was awesome but i didnt want to be mean
to people in my english class cuz the guy who sits next to
me is soo nice and quiet. sarah KNOWS THIS. ;) hahaha.
yeah! well i saw him at the swim meet didnt i yeah and i
went and ate sooo much food it was heaven they even sold
bagels. and then i went to the basketball game and THATS
orgasmic. lol yes! kat, #23 does rock!!!! and so does
#11... and yes we BEAT CANANDAIGUA. wow, you can tell i
have so much skool spirit :)! but geneva is just too kewl
to say no to. tim and sarah were playing magic in lunch and
this guy yelled at them and wasnt listening to him and he
was talking back it was so great and yes he dont want to
beat up steve no more, which he couldnt, hes a college
wrestler. right lol. steve I AM NOT GOING OUT WITH HIM!
PROMISE OK LOL. so CHA! :) ookkkaaay. i need a mic then i
can argue with you over stupid things instead of typing and
DUKE ROCKS. and so what about that ONE GAME! stop talking
about it! GRRRRRRRRR! yes. your always playing pool on
yahoo, which is good cuz then i dont have to talk to you!
awww i sorry. okay well study hall was fun today, but
shibby im sorry your sick. i took him to the nurse and saw
this guy there and he was like hey libby and its so sad i
hate it when people talk to me and i dont know their names
i feel bad but he was kyle. yeah i remember now :) and i
love you general! i finished psy homework! SCORE! yes and i
gave ya a gift of the pain article. what is pain? ohhh joy
joy. and muffin was mad that we were drawing on that paper.
im sorry. but hey it happens. I AM NOT AN ASHTRAY! GRRR
nobody puts quarters in me!!!!!!!!! why does everybody
gotta call me ashtray :( lol mirror mirror whos the
prettiest on the wall THE HOMECOMING QUEEN, dont ya all
agree? yes. i told you mary :) ok well i love all my
people! and *HUGGIES* and this year has been the greatest
time of my life thanx to all of ya and lookie all the
shoutouts i been putting in here. its all for you :)

LOVE LOTS!!!!!!!!!!

**Libbalicious Licky Libby is goneeeeeeee