the life of a precious one
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2002-03-14 17:46:57 (UTC)

what the hell...

my legs ache like shit this morning....it still does now..
had a treasure hunt around singapore like the amazing race?
we practically run round almost the whole of singapore!
from hougang to the botanical gardens then to boat quay
then to stamford mph and then to the changi airport and
then to little india and took a cab to mt fabour park..
anyway..guess what?right now as im typing this..i can see
my neighbour in the next block having sex!oh man..but i
only could see them through their brick glass...thank god!
its not like i want to see them do it on purpose...but from
where im siting..i can see everything...my windows have not
curtains...and oh well..guess its free show for me then..
haha..anyway..real tired..but can sleep needa check my
mail.. jus realised that i no longer like angel anymore..
not even 5%...hahah guess thats another story for another

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