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2002-03-14 16:05:49 (UTC)

i'm. NOT.punk.i'm.EMO.

my sister just got out of the hospital yesterday. she was
in there b/c she cuts herself alot, and was thinking about
killing herself. my brother was rushed to the e.r.
yesterday from skool. he had a very bad panic attack. its
from all the stress in our family the doctor said. i'm
skipping skool today. theres no point in going, we're just
watching a movie today. my mom knows i'm home. i have a new
diary at so if
your bored enough to read my pathedic life, go and check it
out. i cut my hair today. i was bored, and i wanted it
shorter. my mom is going to flip out when she sees it. i
think it looks kool. i want to be emo sooo bad. i have the
emo glasses, and i listen to the emo music. i stand in the
corner at shows like emo kids do, i wear the tight little
boy shirts, and i wear the plaid pants. i even have the old
grandpa shocks. but EVERYONE ALWAYS tells me that i'm "punk
as hell." grrrr. i don't want to be punk. i want to be emo.
grr. 2 days ago, i wore this plaid skirt 2 skool. i don't
know what the hell i was thinking. but all my friends told
me that " even when you try to look preppy, you STILL
ALWAYS look punk as hell!" then they just got bad b/c they
want to be that way too. i don't try to be punk.... i
don't. I DON'T WANT T0 BE PUNK!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO BE
EMO!!!!!! god, what do i have to do to get people to
realize that... lifes so unfair. if any punk or emo kidz
are reading this, PLEASE PLEASE reply... thanks so much.

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