Like A Frightened Rabbit
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2002-03-14 15:57:52 (UTC)

long time

hey, havnt written in here for a long time, probably coz i
cudnt be fucked..........

oh well.
not much is new.
oh yeh, phil has given up smack, he's really sick. really
really sick. i have never seen him like this. it's killing
me but i know he can get through this. he'll be ok. as
long as jack is there for him and i am. lets face it he's
the only one who actually gives a fuck about me....stupid
that really seeing as he treats me like he does.

i think i'm going mad.
i was fantisizing about killing two of the lads on our bus
last night....he he he, would have been really fun. ah
well. i didnt have a gun so it wasnt possible. i was gonna
scare them n e way, then shoot myself in the head. then we
got to hovingham and i got off the bus and went home.

i cut myself today in the toilet, had blood everywhere. i
was like oops!

bye bye