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2002-03-14 15:13:52 (UTC)

"garden" - ani difranco

it's 9 am... and it's spring break... and i'm awake.
jordan's little "girlfriend" called the house at 8:30 for
him... i pity her... really... because she has a crush on
my brother... but my patience is wearing thin... and i
don't know if i can take being woken up at 8:30 for the
remainder of my spring break.

i wish something interesting would happen. something that
could send me walking in a different direction. i'm tired
of everyone and everything. and i can't even pinpoint what
i'm talking about.

my stomach hurts... oy to the cramps.

"you were never anything but beautiful to me..."

i think i'm going to go and see what it feels like
outside... lame excuse for ending this entry? ... perhaps..
but i really want to...



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