steaming the buns
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2002-03-14 09:17:30 (UTC)

getting old?

what is this with getting old? yup i can relate with stuff
included in the email. i mean the last time we went out
out, it was just for maybe four beers and a late dinner.
tapos uwi na.ako may excuse, kasi tumugtog ako. used to be
walang uwian hanggang walang na bla blackout.
puerto. di ako nakaranas ng lasingan talaga. oo nga. we get
tired easier now.
but this shouldnt be a signal to slow down. a signal for
us to be careful and take care of ourselves. get some more
lots of time for that when your dead. you can rest for
yup know lots of people getting married. whatever makes em
happy why not? dont know why i'm even replying to this
email (forwarded from who knows where?) but game. got time
to kill. class isnt on till 6 pa.
this would serve as my journal entry na rin for today. FYI:
i have a tendency to rant on and on without any specific

yeah you can say we're getting old some of those things in
the email are true.
your work is your life? fuck that! well unless you're doing
something you've always dreamed of. how many of us are at
the exact place where we always knew we,d be?
me? i work to get paid. i dont let it control me. something
to fill up my blank time. i know there's something out
there. im not about to lie down and turn into a fuckin peon
working my butt off for "stability" responsibility"
"future" newsflash people. i refuse to be sucked into the
the void of mindless sheep in a never ending procession.
take note: naka business attire ako ngayon. nye!!
hehe. so? i wont waste my time trying to convince people
that i dont need to be in business attire to do my job..
it's been etched to deep into their skulls.
ill never be ashamed of my tattoos. that's me. im planning
to add some more this month. in celebration of my bday.
that's one good thing with work: moolah. at least this time
i know i can spend a bigger amount for my body art. still
thinking of the design though.

just ate hopia na baboy. di ko gusto. kala ko may karne sa
loob. pwe. nag hotdog na lang tuloy ako.

getting old's a part of life. get over it. tired of me
ranting? tough. might as well start the midlife crisis
early para adjusted na when the time comes and look

moral of this is: si starscream at si cobra commander, iisa.
told you magulo ako magsulat.
yosi muna ako.

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