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2002-03-14 05:57:50 (UTC)

Maybe time of peace - and new battles to face friendship

Wednesday night I dream about my friend Mel. It means she is
in danger because in dream I was carrying on her. In dreams
I am taller and stronger than I really are. She was walking
in some town with a friend. A dangerous place with bandits
or tough people. At night three motorcycles came to find
her friend. I guess they was really looking for girls any.
I did not like the way of their feelings. Each day a new
thing shows face.
Carol I met her and asked for Mel phone number to try to
warn her about my dream. She was out of range in that town.
Maybe because some hills or buildings.
Today is almost the time when I go to school with Mel and
her friend. Birds are singing and sky is cloudly. It had
rained yesterday night.