Damsel in Distress

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2002-03-14 08:23:56 (UTC)


well, dad and mom fight a lot...she wants a divorce this
time...and last time...and the time before, but she is so
meek minded..no offense...that she would probably change
her mind. he went to jail for beating her awhile ago...i
mean i hate it. she had a restraining order against him for
awhile, but dropped it. i mean...he is not a good guy at
all. he is a fuckin asshole. he has beaten her...and she
has taken it for so long...18 years to be exact. how fuckin
sad is that? he has controlled her life, and she is not a
person, to him she is a dog. it fuckin pisses me off. when
guys make it so women are lower, i fuckin go insane. it
pisses me off to almost the highest extreme. bias such as
sexism or racism is fucked up. he makes so many comments on
how women are lower than men, and i personally think we
should be equal...the only reason im not a femanist is
because i believe it is like shovanism....why cant we all
just be fuckin equal...i mean have equal opportunity...with
race and shit that is beyond our control...its not fair. i
hate it. i hate him....and i dont use hate a lot.

ive been thinking a lot...today for like half an hour i
felt relaxed....which was when he left and said he was
never coming back. i have never had a child's innocense...i
mean when you are a child you have the naive carefree
innocense that you feel nothing in the world could be
wrong. well, i never had that. i had drugs in my life at a
young age...abuse all my life to currently...well, im sick
of it. when i came close, i was a parental figure. i mean,
he went to jail for six months when i turned 18, and i felt
a little free, but then he got out and things went back to
normal...i hate it this way.

he found a brush...in her purse...and well, he said she
wrote on it and is hiding something from her "husband"
which is him...and he was trying to read the brush? and he
said the same thing about a rock last year....he said she
was trying to read the rock...how fuckin sad is that? i
mean, who the fuck in their right mind would read a brush
or a rock??? i mean...dude, can you tell he is on drugs?
drugs are bad...exhibit A the person called dad?
im pissed im out...
-damsel in distress

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