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2002-03-14 07:40:40 (UTC)

Helping out a friend

I was talking to my friend on AIM tonight. He's being
having a lot of problems. Here is part of our conversation:

(friend): this is almost a rehearsed conversation
CandiCat314: if you cool off from it for a little while you
will be better off
CandiCat314: what are you talking about? rehearsed?
(friend): this is the way this conversation always goes
(friend): with my parrents I ended quoting the bible as
well as the consitution... that was a fun talk
CandiCat314: I am sorry that this conversation appears to
be rehearsed
(friend): I understand your concern, and belive me I do
appreciate it, too few people in this world give a wink
about others
CandiCat314: but you are my friend and I was just trying to
watch your back
(friend): Im not at all angry with you, I dont think I
every have been, or will be
CandiCat314: I have lost too many of my friends to alcohol
and pot and E and all kinds of other shit - that may sound
ridiculous, but it can really mess youup
CandiCat314: i've seen it happen
CandiCat314: and you should know better
CandiCat314: you've been caught for it
(friend): your that ray of sunshine that shines through the
clouds no matter how over cast the day is you can still
shine through. I dont know how you do it, but thanks. I
know everything you say comes from friendship, rather then
reciting what DARE tought you back in the day
It may sound silly, but I think that was one of the
greatest compliments I have ever received. In a way it
sounds like I am too nieve and optimistic, but I am proud
of my optimism. I think there need to be just enough of us
out there.