worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2002-03-14 06:41:41 (UTC)


i've been staked. My town decided to punish me for being a
dirty whore. In the center of town i stood on two stools
above a large wooden post about 2 inches wide. i was made
to straddle the post/stake as the stools were taken away.
Now i cannot climb off it as my body weight rests on the
stake in my pussy. If i stand on my toes, i can relieve
some of the pressure, but i cannot escape from it. My arms
are tied tightly behind my back. A thick leather collar
keeps me looking my tormentors in the face as i cannot hide
mine. One week i will be kept here. One week at their

Clamps are attached to my nipples with long chains hanging
from them. As people walk by, they are invited to add
weights to my chains, pulling my tits painfully down so
they are stretched and deformed. A metal clip is attached
to my clit with a wire running from it to a box on a post
in front of me. The box has one dial and one button. The
dial sets the voltage, as long as the button is held down,
the current runs to my exposed clit. Various paddles,
belts, canes, crops and floggers are hanging nearby. They
are for anyone's use.

People bring their own tools as well. My hair was sliced
off yesterday leaving my head looking like it was caught in
a lawnmower. Various terms and descriptions have been
written on my naked body such as: whore, slut, bitch, cunt,
etc. i have been burned by cigarettes and scratched with
angry fingernails. My ass and tits were used as a voodoo
doll and still have pins stuck in them. Men have freely
pissed and cum on my body. No rain has come to wash it off.

People are cruel. They taunt me as they add weights to my
nipple-chains, pushing the weights so they swing back and
forth, ripping at my tits. They pull down on then until i
scream and they walk away laughing. i can only watch as
they turn up the voltage and shock my clit mercilessly.
They tell me to beg for forgiveness. They offer to stop if
i confess what a tramp i am. They ask me absurd questions
and punish me if i answer wrong. They whip my ass, thighs
and back because they think i deserve it. i do.

They wait until i'm hungry or thirsty then make me beg for
food and drink. They force me to make trade-offs. "Give
me a sip of water and i will beg for 20 swatts with the
paddle." "Please feed me a crust of bread and i will count
to 50 with the electricity running through my clit." i
humiliate myself for them. i beg them to torment me for
being a dirty whore. i have no choice. They pull out my
pubic hairs and feed them to me. They watch me relieve my
bladder into a bowl and dump it on my head. They plug my
ass so i cannot dirty myself anymore. They poke me with
sticks. They tickle the soles of my feet to see the pain
in my face as all my body weight squirms atop the stake.
The nights are cold and the days are hot. They put tar and
feathers under my tits and inbetween my ass cheeks. They
pour oil in my mouth and tell me to hold it while they
shock me then punish me for spilling it. They tease my
clit until i cannot help but orgams for them, right there
on the stake. They laugh and call me a slut, a bitch in
heat. i am under their control.

Tomorrow they will vote on what to do with me. i think
they may leave me on the stake indefinitely. They are
having so much torturing me. i pray for mercy, but
secretly, i beg for more.