Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2002-03-14 05:47:42 (UTC)


No magic today, except for the time I spend online
downloading music, and listening to them.

A splinter in my eye, a beam in yours; my hand withers
across many nations. Generations rise, generations fall;
in a single breath, you are forgotten totally, you are
remembered eternally.

Cascading resonance,
Ultraviolet catastrophe.

He who walks among the watery puddles of slime at night and
tramples upon snakes under furtive footfalls, and slices at
apparitions with bony edged weapons, will, in the end, be
master of all.


Hmmmm.... what shall I talk about today.

The names Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato have come up more
than once today. I'd love to give credit where credit is
due, but, I think...

No, I did not go to work today.

No, I did not go to work yesterday.

No, I will not go to work tomorrow.

A dude like me has to have obligations, otherwise I would
just let everything go and slip into oblivion.

I just realized that there are no more real people living
anymore, only fabrications consisting of wooden heads and
rubber necks. 'What model are you?' I may ask. 'Here, try
this new wireframe, with randomized jerks and twitches
where your eyebrows and corners of your mouths are...' It
would be so cool, to see this human face go through random
expressions as it was telling me what a wonderful day it
was having...heh heh...

I went through some of my favorites and checked out some of
my old jobsites. I figure I'll plan to hit most of them by
tomorrow's end and update and/or re-send my resume, to see
if I can get a bite or not.

RCIA'd last night, but that was all. When we were leaving,
my wife and our sponsors genuflected in front of the altar,
while I kept on walking. My wife, never letting anyone
forget what their faith is all about, told me that I should
do the same. I said, 'Hmmmm? Nah....., maybe next time.
My knees hurt. I don't know how to do it anyway.' My
particular sponsor then said, 'Just bow, like this.' My
wife said back, 'Oh, I think he's shy. He doesn't like
doing stuff like that in front of people.' Then her
sponsor spoke to me and said, 'It's God. Who are you
trying to hide from?' Smirking, I then faced the altar and
bowed. And, oh my ____, I felt his presence there, and
nearly jumped out of my skin. It was only for a brief
second there, but it was enough for me to break out in a
cold sweat and run out of the church, ha ha ha, lol...
*looking bemused, with a smirk, wondering what was so funny
about it*

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