a watercolour stain
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2002-03-14 05:23:59 (UTC)


well, i *was* in bed at 11:15 and i *was* sleepy. but
could i fall asleep? nooo. how sucky. kimmie called me
earlier. they're not coming up now. they were playing
football and jordan fell and cut his knee and had to get
stitches. he isn't allowed to move his leg for ten days,
so therefor he cannot drive. isaac *still* hasn't called
me. i don't know when he's coming home and i wonder what
he's been up to. and i really need to get my secret faerie
package out in the mail. it's supposed to be there by st.
pat's day and it's already the 14th. i guess you'll have
that. ok, i'm terribly bored, so i guess i'm going to go
play neopets. ha ha. *sigh*

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