All Fucked Up
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2002-03-14 05:17:42 (UTC)

Your Grandfather Has Lice: Damned Devil Winds

The Sant'Anas are blowing again. Those damned devil winds.
I am so diggin' them-- I love how they make me sick to the
stomach and flush my face red so that I feel I'm going to
burst w/heat; the way they inflame temperment-- all of it.
People get so fuckin' pissy when the devil winds roll in
and it makes my day that much brighter to see people at
their worst. This is So. Cal and people here just don't
have much reason to be pissed-- freeway congestions, broken
cappaccino machines and ocean oil spills being the only
exceptions. So when the woman across the street came
storming out of her house today w/a shoe in one hand
chasing after a toddler for no apparent reason, my day was
made and history was set. "You little bitchhhh!!!!" she
screamed at the boy, who ran into the purple sunset. "Tu
abuelo tienes piojos!!" He shot back, giving her the
finger. "What's that mean?" I asked, advancing toward a
friend. "Means 'your grandfather has lice!'" "Oh," I said,
walking back inside, "What a beautiful thing to say to your
mother" Those damned devil winds were to blame

"I see a bad moon arising....don't go home tonight; it's
bound to take your life. There's a bad moon on the rise"--
Creedence Clearwater Revival