2002-03-14 04:17:15 (UTC)


Well hello!
Sunday night I went to Paisano in Alpine, Texas with my
Pastor's family, Wayne and his brother, Josh. We left with
a prayer, loving the Lord.. and were really excited about
the whole trip. Didn't we all need a spring break? *NODS
BIG* YES! We did! Well, it's still going on for us.
Anywayz! God did some awesome things this week. Like the
saying, and it's sooo true!, "You just keep going back to
Paisano". It's a Christian camp ground and our church has a
cabin out there and we can go anytime! The camp ground is
over 100 years old and i just love it! There's this feeling
you get there.. and like my sis. Jessica said, "If it
weren't for that feeling, i wouldn't really wanna go back..
but you just keep getting that feeling!"
LOVE MOUNTAIN CLIMBING! It can be soo darn hard man.. and
you really start to long for carpet, iced drinks and
pillows... but it's awesome awesome. And THE
ACCOMPLISHMENT feeling you get! WOW! Cause it's true. That
feeling is true. yo uguys need to try it if not already.
That mountain was like life. We were about to go up and my
friend says, "Well... we have a long ways to go ahead of
us" and i thought, "LIFE!" and then later he says something
like, "This part may be hard, but we can make it" and i
think, "LIFE!" and "Look what we just went
over!," "LIFE!", and looking back after it all.. oh man...
wow... that mountain standing there against the forever
wide sky... tall and full of myserious, great levels....I
saw what I did with the strength of and from God, I
thought, "LIFE"... whoa.. i loved it all.
I really could talk for al night about my week at Paisano..
but i've kept you here long enough. OOOH THOUUUUGHHH... I
know this diary is read only by my friends.. cause no one
else would take the lingering time to read all this boring
information.. so hehehe.. maybe i WILL keep you here more..
umm.. i dunno! We'll see!
Well.. here's some sum ups!

Jacob drove over a VERY STRONG SMELLING DEAD COW-on purpose!

I sort of broke my right thumb:(

It's a trend right now, to spit... but not gum!!!!! Esp.
on people you dunno... no names, Dorman/Josh.

Mom makes great sloppy joe's!

You can bring a box of water, tons and tonso of snacks, no
marshmellows and chapstick and it cane be all gone the
first day.. all those human vultures! haha "humans!"

Josh (Wayne's bro.)should keep his hair w/out gel more
often.. really Josh! It looks good that way! And some of
ya'll should know me... i looove that gelled and medium
spiky look! So this is kool.

Pastor Nathan plays with teddy bears to cheer people up!
AW!!!!!! Hahaha.. he was laughing so much!

I took a WONDERFUL, HOOOOTTTT shower and Wayne, Josh and
Becca took a TRETEROUS, COOOOOOLD shower. But um.. not
together. :D

I can fit into Emily's jeans!

My hands got so dry but they were okay..:)

I stayed up til about 2:30 every morning.. and i need
rest, baby..BUT.. i have that HUMONGOUS test to take um.. no.

A lot of people eat "Easy Cheese" alone.. aaaaaaaaah!

The wind almost blew us off the side of the mountain
several times and one time, Wayne grabbed me before i
almost fell off! Also, a big boulder fell down the
mountain toward us and almost hit us! God was there. HE IS

I'm boring you.

"Gone in 60 seconds" will not be viewed by me for sometime
now.. we watched it so many times! Probably 60 times a
second.. nah.. um okay weird. lol

"Dead corpse". LOL

True friends cry when you do. Thank you Wayne......

Joey is true. Joey is going to do great things.. Joey is
underthe hand of God..Joey is going to break through
strongholds of the devil and win.. because he is of the
Lord... he is a child of the utmost high God.. ooh wait..
this doesn't have anything to do with this week.. although
i DID meet him at Paisano! HEH HEH:)

Well.. i guess I'll go.. gots a lot of unpacking and
washing and such to do.

Please pray for my Pastor's family.. My Pastor's Dad died
instantly today from a heart attack.. And Pastor Nathan is
one of the best men ever to walk this earth. I promise each
and every one of you would love him immensely. Thank you!

Goodnight:) Jesus loves you and sweet dreams to you all:).
Write me!
God bless you,



Sacred Soup (10:12:55 PM): Do not arouse or awaken love,
Sacred Soup (10:13:02 PM): until it so desires
Sacred Soup (10:13:19 PM): Song o' Songes 3:5

*Song of Songs 3:5*