Ginger Gal

Welcome to my life...
2002-03-14 04:11:03 (UTC)

Busy Busy Busy

Busy busy busy and nothing to really show.

The past few days have been spent scrambling around.

We went to public assistance today, they weren't much
help. So, next month there is a good chance that rent
won't be paid. Welcome to the joy of my life.

I am in a really frustrated mood today. I have no idea
where to turn. It seems like there is no where to turn, no
where to go for help. The government apparently refuses to
help. I'm not talking about sponging for the rest of my
life. I'm talking about one month.

Well, being homeless will.. build character? heh.

I've been having nightmares again. They come back every
now and then. I hate hem. They seem so real.. which is
werid in a way cause when I wake up I can barely remember
them. But I can almost feel him near. Feel him leering
and touching. Gawd they are so awful.

Later when I am in a better mood I will explain what the
nightmares have to do with. Right now that is an emotional
load that I am not willing or able to deal with. I am
anyway I suppose heh. I just can't go into it all right
now though.

I'm off. Thanks for reading if anyone is.

Be safe out there.


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