2002-03-14 04:08:25 (UTC)


im happy tonight!! it was such a good, productive day. i
started my new job=) i love it. like i kinda thought it
would suc but its grea... my keyboard is sucking... argh..
but i LOVE it and i also had an interview at starbucks that
went well, and i will try to work there also, so i work 6
or 7 days a week and save up lots of money. ACHOO. it was
a great happy day im so glad, cus i have felt like shit in
a way that i havent felt in soo long ive been cutting again
not a lot but i havent even wanted to do that in a long
time and ive been so out of it and feeling like nothings
real... matt and i are on okay terms again.. he called the
other night it was weird, he said he just needed to talk
to me for a bit... i dont know WHEN the last time he
admitted he needed to talk to ME was... craziness i dont
feel soo affected by him right now.. i went to a great
show the othe night doria roberts and bitch and animal,
the whole environment was so calmng after a realy AWFUL
day... tomorrowsthe last day of school for spring break
thas exciting then ihave like 34 days left til graduation
fucking CRAZY stuf dude.. everythings changing awful
fast... im in a good mood and i have lots to write but my
fucing keybard is sucking and not typing all hte lettrs i
put so im guna finish this tomorrw

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