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2002-03-14 03:53:45 (UTC)



here i am ... back from new orleans. and so so tired. ...
we went out tonite (erika and amanda and me)... nothing was
going on in town...everyone is gone... so ... we just took
my car and drove.

the 311 and hoobastank concert was so awesome. i was
surprised because i had only heard one of hoobastank's
song.. but even visually they rocked.

sadly, i didn't find a betty page tshirt that was happy
enough to purchase...

but........ i did find prom jewelry, a new hemp, souveniers
for everyone, and a cool hippie sundress....

i seemed to be the butt of erika's pratical jokes. oh
god... and what really sucked was that pms kicked in... and
sometimes *cough* they even made me cry. ... but i don't
have enough energy to even talk about it.

i've missed you.


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