still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-05-12 21:20:19 (UTC)

I'm back...

okay well I just got home a few minutes ago...spent the
night at Denis'. We went out to watch the Laker gme last
night and had a few drinks then came home and watched"Girls
Gone Wild"..this video his roommate bought about chicks
showing their tits and pussies at Mardi Gras...after that
we took it too the bedroom...made us both horny I
think...strangely enough although I'm not the least bit
attracted too women.I wish Denis wasn't so quiet during
sex..he talks but it's only to get me to say something like
f"How does my cock feel inside you?..." He doesn't even
make a sound when he comes...I HATE THAT! Oh well...can't
have everything I guess...The other complaint I have is the
hair issue...He makes me feel really unattractive when I'm
not wearing my wig...I know he doesn't do it on purpose but
it seems that waY...and I'm sure my insecurity on that
whole thing is part of the problem...he said this morning
that it's ;looking better and in a bout 3-4 weeks I
probably won't have to wear a wig anymore...Honestly I
think he worries too much what other people think although
he says it's because he's a secretive person...doesn't
share a lot(no shit!) and he doesn't understand why I tell
everyone...well for the first 5 yrs I did not and it became
easier and easier...I really don't concern myself with
other peoples opinions of me..if they are that judgemental
than I don't care to waste my time on them anyways...he
sees things differently. Oh well. I care about him but I
wish he was more open with me...never know what the hell is
going on in that mind of his.I've also decided to transfer
to a different office although he seems rather bummed out
about that..and it's not because I don't like working with
him but I don't like my boyfriend being my boss....just
don't like it! We haven't talked about serious issues
recently like moving in together or anything....I don't
know about him but I think we were moving too fast and we
need to chill. Well a girl at work is getting married
tonight and we're going to the wwedding so I should get
ready here shortly...haven't been home much and have a
shitload of laundry and cleaning to fun.and for
the person who gave me feedback..thanks...and you probably
know this already but I am female ( =
Feel free to write anytime....bye