Pure Belligerence
2001-05-12 21:16:29 (UTC)

*I feel angerful*

Hey... yesterday my friends roxy and alicia came over after
school because me and alicia were cooking middle eastern
food for our class project and roxy was helping. Roxy said
veronica was looking at me the whole way home with a really
sad look on her face. We have decided to stop talking to
her.... all of us.... roxy ashley alicia leslie and kim....
so she sees were not just going to put up with her crap.
Ok, so we get home and my mom drives us to the store and we
spend 53 dollars on food for this project, the main thing
being the eggplant crap, because me and alicia loooove
eggplant. So we make the couscous and veggies and put that
away.... then the desert which i screwed up because i put
the sugar water in one spot and it soaked through to the
bottom of the pan so all i got from that was a sticky lump
of mush, and then we spend 45 minutes grilling these damn
eggplants. We read the directions and it said to put the
eggplants in the blender with the vinegar and garlic....
and i was about to untill alicia said noooo, that will make
it all pureed. I said, duh uh uh uh, oh yeah.... so i read
the directions again and thats what it said to do.... so
we did.... and go figure.... it was a dip! So we were
like... ok i hope this tastes alright.... and we try it and
at the same time we made a face.... the stuff was the
nastiest thing i have ever had the misfortune of putting
near my face. Besides jeff that is. So we were really
pissed that we spent an hour and a half on making liquid
crap. I mean really pissed. I just wanted to cry, but i
didnt, we went outside and threw alicias shoes across my
yard to get our anger out.... didnt work too well. I can
just imagine what Jarred and Kyle are gonna say tomorrow...
what that hell is this.... tastes like ass.... ugh!
DAMMIT! Im thinking about just throwing it all out and
bringing the couscous turkish coffee lemonaide and
desert.... that should be enough right???