Product of a Broken Home
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2002-03-14 03:27:07 (UTC)

I have a social worker?

apparently, i do have a social worker, or at least, i do
now. someone in my family {the number one suspect is my
aunt, but lets not jump to conclusions here} called social
services and they came and checked up on us {me and my

it was weird. but that in itself, i could easily deal with.
but i got home and had to listen to an hour of my
grandmother screaming at me that it was my fault that it
all happened.

apparently i always side with my father, and am biased in
his drection. this is slightly true, but not to the point
where i would tell him something that would get this done.
i would never do anything to have ths result. i've worked
very hard to keep it from happening, because i do not feel
like emding up in a foster home.

but then again, i'll be 16 soon, and just go out on my own
if it goes that far. i don't think it will.

so, i had a stressful day, i had to deal with that, get
screamed at, and now i have to find a way to cover up
everything that i've done in the last 5 years that has been
even slightly suspicious.

so, lets see, any guy i've dated who's over 18, which isn't
entirely terrible, but isn't great either, my drinking and
drug habits, my self destructive habits {does this mean i
have to stop sewing my fingers together?}..bah..my general
defiance towards the world. argh.

so, to all my friends, and even a great deal of the people
wo aren't really my friends, but also don't hate me,
please, please, if it happens that you are asked anything,
lie in my favour. pretty pretty please, i don't want to
live in a foster home.

so...yeah...thats all. and a sw talking to my friends is
highly unlikely, thank god.

oh, i forgot, i'm going to have to go to court, or at least
to talk to a lawyer, and my grandmothers getting a
restraining order put on my dad, aunt, and grandmother.
life's unfair.