Michael Through Time

The Mad Scientist's Notebook
2002-03-14 02:44:43 (UTC)

Additions and Cuts

As I go through the list of poems, I find myself adding and
subtracting. At this stage I didn't expect to be doing
this, but I intend to have poems that fit this collection.
Some poems just won't make it. Among them is "Vicious
Circle" and "Thank You". They are fantastic poems but they
don't fit what I have in mind anymore. Maybe if I work on a
second collection they will fit what I have in mind...if
not...well, that's the way it goes.
As for my additions they are: My Friend. This poem was
debatable but I came up with a real cool idea for it and I
intend to do it. Assuming I get the help I need that is.
This poem does fit the whole concept though nicely.
King of Dreams is my tribute to the Sandman told by Neil
Gaiman and Metallica. Using pieces of each and my own
style, I made the poem my own and I am proud of it.
Armageddon is a look at the apolcalypse and how it's caused
and The Eleventh Hour is a warning on how we may avert
prophecy and make fate our own. Both fit what I'm doing
Justin is an old favorite returning to the collection as
well. This is one very emotional piece of writing and I
may just use it with my friend and lifelong, the other two
friendship poems. It's also ironically my most tragic
That's it so far. There's a little more in mind with the
collection and then the fun stuff begins. I'm still
writing new poems. Though I may keep these until the next
collection. But for now this is all good readers. Visit
my site and read some of the poems on the site. I
encourage this as some of these and others that are on the
list have made it.
talk to you all later.
The Mad Scientist