Thoughts in the Confused
2001-05-12 19:55:16 (UTC)

the lake


I am at the lake of the ozarks. I am connecting to the
internet by way of 28.8 modem and man is it fast. lol I
already am having cable withdrawls.

It has not been to bad so far. I have not worked on the
webpage like i would of liked, but it has been relaxing. I
bought a sword(probably should not of) but it is cool and I
bought a few book at the publishers wharehouse. Took my
parents top the Bose store and had a demonstration. It was

Otherwise not to much. John and his friend Adam is here. I
have been thinking about John lately. I would really like
to suck him off. But I think that is not going to happen.
I am hory though. And those are my desires/. lol

------=======Adult - =======-------

I just keep thinking about this one time John and I were
sleeping in the same bed and i had been giving him a message
earlier. I used to give him a lot of messages. And during
the night I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock
through his boxers and I started to jack him off. He got
hard and I was really working it. I thought he was getting
going pretty well, so I thought I would suck him off. I
still remember it like it was yesterday. It was so soft and
nice. Anyway if he was asleep which i do not think so he
kind of said like what are you doing or soemthing to that
effect. And then like turned over. But he stayed there.

-------end of adult -------

I just wished it could of finished. That was one of those
stories of some of my first experiences.

I guess i will stay down here all weekend. But who know

If the chance to go home arises I will take it. Talk to you

jdiary2001 (at) gmail (dot) com

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