In the Eyes of a Dreamer
2002-03-14 01:31:54 (UTC)


I haven't written for a long time so i thought i'd
update since i was readin Dane's journal.
looks pretty awesome and i was gonna switch over to there
but it was all confuzzin to join so i said fudge it.
anyways i really have nothing to say, this week has been
god-awful boring without my friends here. they all went to
Close-up in Washington DC and left the stupid friend
behind, lol. it's my fault for having friends in the top
10. if a couple kids get sucky grades i might make my way
up (im 13 as of now). but i think i'm getting a B in damn
economics becuz im lazy. im so reatarded, NO ONE gets a B
in eco. argh.
Mrs. feiger moved FUCKING MILITARY BALL!!!!!!!
ahhhhhhhhh i hate it! i know i know, she'll be in surgery
recovery that day for the blood clot in her leg, but that
is my damn military ball. now i have to wait until april
27th, which is also like 2 weeks b4 prom. i got my dress
for military! it's V-E-R-Y short and black, and low in the
front. mwha ha ha very seductive. andn i got bitching black
heels that lace up to my knee like ballerina slippers, they
are oh-so-very cool.
I am so freakin bored! and i still have a couple more
hours to kill before south parks on.
Jordan brought 'Two Skinny Dorks' to school today, why
i don't know but those guys are freakin hot! he said
they're gonna play at our music in the schools concert, why
they would i don't know but it'll definatly make that gay
concert a whole hell of a lot cooler. and maybe Jordy will
introduce me. bwah ha ha!
Yesterday's field trip to the science zone would have
totally sucked donkey balls if nick and eric hadn't made
that still frame porn with those dolls and plastic animals.
It provided a much needed good laugh, heehee.

well nate's freakng out cuz he needs on the computer RIGHT
NOW, allison must be on! stupid puppy love, taking away
from my computer time


*wearing black turtleneck tank and cut off jeans
* listeing to the Beatles - Obaladi-oblada
* reading dane's journal