Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-03-14 01:31:14 (UTC)

Fatigue Explanation.

I almost killed a spider yesterday.

I caught it (it was quite big, probably 3 inches including
legs. I wasn't brave, I just caught it. It was harmless) in
a plastic box. Air-tight. After about 18-20 hours. I let it
go. It ran away. Alive.

But I felt quite bad. First night I could cope. I got over
it quickly. It was dying then. Last night almost drove me
mad. I felt like I was growing arachnoid hairs on my back
all night, as clear a sign of guilt as I've felt in a long

So. I've spent a while trying to reduce my caffeine as ever
when I go home. I work out at around 6 cups a day (average)
3 coffee, 3 tea, and that just at home. At uni, add another
of each.

Not healthy. So now, I can't stay awake my eyes hurt and
I'm about to collapse onto the computer.

Goodnight all.

WILT? Ready Or Not - The Lightning Seeds.