the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2002-03-14 01:30:46 (UTC)

Pressure building up .. about to let it go

yeah so lets add another thing for me to worry about .. as
if I already didn't have like a ton to worry about .. now I
have to worry about "this " and no I can't tell u what it
is .. just know I am freaked .. thats right and it will
totally screw my life up if what I am worrying about turns
out to be more than just a worry .. bahh I hate this and I
hate men and I hate everything .. I just wanna go to a
convent and live my life with out worrying about all this
mess . I mean yeah I hate it .. Josh is getting on my
nerves .. yup offically day 1 and I wanna break up with
him .. I mean what is my problem .. like I think I find a
guy I want and then when I get tied down I get like
this ... maybe I am about to start my period .. * hopeing*
ne ways so yeah bahh I had to take Noemi home after her
being here just a day how messed up is that .. I mean
damn .. bahh I dunno I just am not sure what to make of the
whole thing .. and then they told me that when I was going
to pick her up ( 2 hours away from my house mind u ) that
if I was five mins later they were going to just leave .. I
mean fuck .. I think that was wrong .. oh well fuck it ..
I got to much to worry about besides that .. I dunno I am
going to go .. buh bye !!!!!!!!!!