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2002-03-14 01:27:10 (UTC)

A Promise To Keep.

Despite my soon-to-be-explained fatigue, I promised
somebody (a little wave goes up at this point, and
a "Hullo!") that I'd post up this form & answers tonight.
It was a pleasure filling it in, and I hope my not-too-
sarcastic answers fall on sympathetic ears.

-Full name: Marco Jacksonovic
-Nicknames: Big G, Marco....fairly unadventurous.
-Pets: Cat. Not mine. Apparently had its claws in
one of the new sofas last time I phoned home.
-Age: 19
-Birthday: 8 March
-Sign: Pisces
-Height: 6 ft 4
-Shoe size: 11/12 - depends. 12 in bowling shoes,
-Eyes: Blue/green hybrid. Man, I've not thought
about that since Year 9 German!
-Hair: Not quite ginger - but more ginger than
brown, and more ginger than blonde. Has been know to
change, but it does look like a wig.
-Sex: M
-Where you were born: Huddersfield. A formerly thriving
Northern wool-town that is the victim of terrible
recession. Its dying.
-Where you live: Norwich. 4 to 5 hours away. Beautiful,
flat, quiet and slow. And it has a university that does
-Sibs names/ages: Abigail. 20. 21 soon....hmmmm....
-Pets names/ages: Cat - Teazle. Age? Going on 9...10...
Plant called Ray - 2. I love Ray. He's great.
-Righty or lefty: Left-handed, left-footed, can only click
my right-hand fingers. A more neutral political opinion.
-Current Mood: Frustrated, worried, tired (not really a
mood), undercurrent of satisfaction but a feeling of
impending doom as ever.
-Profession: Student, much as my peers make me regret
saying that.
-Distinguishing marks: Hahaha! Scar across nose - not large
or obvious, but causes nose to bleed once every 3 days at
the moment. Got it when I was 5 or 6.
-Allergies: Injections. Make me go into spasm. No, really,
they do.

-A smell that makes you pause: Bread. Freshly
cooked/cooking bread.
-A taste that makes you melt: Cucumber. Bread again.
Vegetable soup. Maybe all 3.
-A hobby that occupies your time: Huddersfield Town
Football Club. Sorry. Its true. Since I was, well, a bairn.
A lot of sitting and pondering things too.
-A city you'd like to visit: Cardiff, Wales. May-time. Not
just to see Bob Dylan.
-A country you'd like to explore: Serbia
-A favorite meal (to eat): A good soup.
-A favorite meal (to cook): A nice spicy bolognese. Sounds
so comes in a sandwich.
-A drink you order most often: Ale of kind. That's real
ale. None of your lager/bitter crap, thanks. Porter, too.
If I'm at home a glass of port always goes well
-A delicious dessert: Slice of shortbread. Not really a
desert man. My sister got those genes.
-A book you highly recommend: The Aeniad. Tell me what I
missed. But only do it in Latin like I did.
-A music you prefer while alone: R.E.M., King Of
Woolworths, anyone on Twisted Nerve, Dylan.
-A film you could watch over and over: I could watch a
Stand By Me, Some Like It Hot, Shawshank Redemption, My
Fair Lady medley forever.
-A favorite time of the day: Morning. Dawn.
-A favorite place to sit at home: The chair in front of the
cupboard under the stairs. The bath doesn't count, as like
most, I lay down.

-You fear: Nothing but fear itself. Another poor mark. I
seem to fear being 'found out', even though there's nothing
to find out. Bank statements.
-The best advice you've ever got: Sunscreen by Baz
Luhrmann. Was ridiculed, but is brilliant.
-You live in a: Terraced red-brick house. We think its from
around 1905-1915.
-Your transportation: 2 Feet. Quite sore at the moment.
-Your approx. annual income: £3,600 - Student Loan. Doesn't
really count. Whatever my mother gives me is always a
-When you sleep, you wear: Nothing. Ever.
-Things you like to buy: Music. Vinyl I prefer, but CDs too.
-If you could afford it at this moment, you would buy: Our
house. I could make so much money back, and give me & the
guys a little less worry. It'd be brilliant.
-You collect: R.E.M. stuff. 54 things as we speak. I've
also got a large collection of 'last' yoghurts. The ones no-
one else dare eat, y'know.
-Your strangest possession: I don't know. A 2 inch Marcus
Stewart? A soup shop loyalty card? A Coin of 'No Cash
-Your most expensive possession: Computer? Isn't really
mine. Alfie's single goes for about £50-75 now - the
-Your Morals: Are very Christian, moreso really. I don't
know. I blame my Grandparents.
-What would your reaction be if your spouse or partner
cheated on you: Probably weep for a while, be angry, come
round a bit. Decide whether or not to forgive them. Weep a
bit more.

BELIEFS - I believe in coyotes and time as an abstract.
-Your religion and views of the world: The world is full of
people who want to make a fast buck and will use anyone &
everyone to do it. I don't really like it, but where else
is there.
-Do you believe in God?: No. I believe in the good of
mankind shining through.
-What religion were you raised with: I suppose some kind of
-Death is: A dude in black with a scythe.....possibly just
around the corner.....when I will stop knowing
-How you picture the end of the world: I can't see there
being humans around to see it. Will it end? Who knows.
-Does life exist on other planets?: Scientifically -
probably. Romantically - yes.
-Have they made contact with us: No.
-Do you believe we come from Adam and Eve: No.
-Do you believe in astrology: It exists yes. Its in the
paper every day. Boom-b-boom. Not overly so. But I'm always
on the look out for my love interest. This week its a 'K'
-Do you read your horoscope: People read it for me.
-Have you ever been treated by a psychotherapist: No. I
keep thinking I ought to be. Just to straighten a few
things out. Iron a few things.
-If reincarnation does exist, you'd like to come back as: A
crow. A blackbird. That kind of thing. I guess
Ornithelestes is out of the no longer

-The right to have an abortion: Keep it. Think of rape. I
wouldn't like to have to do it - could I? I don't know.
That's a whole other question.
-The right to own guns: No. Waste of time, effort,
paperwork, and ultimately life.
-The death penalty: Yes. More widely. Its a great thing. So
it can be wrong? Can't everything.
-Legalization of drugs: If there was some way of
guaranteeing that under 18s didn't get their hands on them,
Yes. After that, you should have the ability to choose. If
you choose wrongly, tough.
-Equal rights for homosexuals: Very much so.
-The practice of premarital sex: If you want.
-The minimum punishment for those who molest children:
Whichever is the most serious punishment available to you.
A Class 'A' Crime.
-The minimum punishment for those who rape: Yup. Again.
(Circumstances - could they be 100% proved may have a
-You would fight in a war if: The only weapons used were
nasty insults and vegetables.
-The environmental issue that concerns you most: All of
them/None of them. I try my best, but no-one seems to care,
so why should I? Eh?

And if that lay-out doesn't confuse you, I don't know what
will. Sorry.

WILT? Simon & Garfunkel - He Was My Brother.