2001-05-12 18:06:39 (UTC)


HEHE its like almost 2 and i just woke up.. my lazy ass
lol! well i havent written cuz i have been really sad these
past few days... yea i know me and my problems.. ok so i
find out that allen isent the one who started shit it was
ferry.. the dude i knew since 7th gr... the one i thought i
could trust.. i think this happened to show me i cant trust
anyone but my self and to show me how much i can really
feel for him, cuz it so weid i dont want to fall for him
but i dont know what is going to happen. god i hope
everythig comes out ok! please! well im gonna go there is
so much i have to say but i cant say it cuz it all is stuck
inside and its making me confused! well till later

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