Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
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2002-03-14 01:02:43 (UTC)


Still sick. It's absolutely lovely; coughing up phlegm and
everything. Yum yum. Now Elliott's sick too... so I got
to steal his jacket today.

People suck. I don't like them. Can't I just stay in my
room forever, emerging occasionally for PB&J sandwiches and
bookstore runs? I have a window... if I really start to
crave human contact, I can lean out and yell "Hey, you
rotten kids; get the hell off my lawn!"... maybe I should
get some cats and rhodedendums and become an old
lady "urban hermit"... then children will tiptoe past my
house, and whisper "she's a witch", and then i can throw
things at them! And I need a housecoat thingie... hmmm...
just think of all the possibilities. Forget college!

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