Thoughts from Blue Angel
2001-05-12 18:05:51 (UTC)

Spring Blossoms

"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so
pleasant." ~Anne Bradstreet

It's amazing how much better I am doing than I was when I
started this diary. Everything seems to be improving. As
things improve, my attitude improves, and that makes things
even better! I feel so much better about myself.

Today was the Water Festival Parade. I got to ride in
the back of a truck for the Elks club with all the other
local scholarship winners in the area. We had a blast. I
also found out that I won a state-wide scholarship
yesterday through my mother's union. That takes my
scholarship grand total up to $4,600. Not bad at all.

Jazz Choir is going pretty well. Opening night was last
night, and tonight's the end. After this, I never have to
do it again! I'll miss everyone, but I won't miss the
feeling of clutsiness I have when I'm trying to do all
those dances.

The most adorable guy that I've been keeping my eye on
asked me out last night! Man, I don't remember the last
time I was so excited. He's such a cool guy. He's got the
sweetest little dimples, and he blushes when he smiles. I
can't believe that he would want to ask me out, but I'm so
happy that he did!

I guess this is my spring after the winter. And boy, am
I loving it!