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2002-03-14 00:42:48 (UTC)


Latley like ive said so much, things have been better. Its
just I feel so alone. Its not fun not having a best friend
here, I miss Nikki in ways, but in others I just miss
people. I walk the halls alone it feels like people just
are always looking around, but never gazing for me. I dont
know, im so worn out, and I just need a break. I dont like
being ignored and thats all i feel, this is what I feel
like latley, with nobody to talk to feelings become
secrets, secrets become burdens, and bundens become pain.
Its different too now becuase im not looking for love, and
I know what I want, and I cannot be distracted. I need a
girl that understands me, cause not many do, I just wish
they would come to me, but im just worried when she finds
me she wont see me, becuase I just feel so invisible

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