listen to my silences
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2002-03-14 00:20:48 (UTC)

battered restraint...never again

my mind-
abused by your words.
my heart-
injured by your meaning.
my body-
hurt by your actions.
my thoughts-
darkened by your look.
my strength-
shattered by your intentions.
my soul-
buried by your presence.

my life-
battered by your ignorance.

i stay here
because i have to
right now i don't have a choice
if you want me
to stay around
then listen to my voice

let me make
my own decisions
you can't control my life forever
give me some credit
maybe for once
you don't always know what's better

i love you
i really do
i can't take this anymore though
i already
have a job
and i know where i will go

in one month
i'll be eighteen
i could leave at anytime
support myself
if i had to
and never look behind

final thought: father's a name you haven't earned yet