Young and Restless
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2002-03-14 00:19:25 (UTC)

Ages later...

Wow... been awhile... (again) This will be VERY short cuz
I'm hella busy. Nathan hates me, Stu is with sam, Jared is
still with Jo, havent seen Jonathon in forever, Desi ran
away AGAIN, and Jo and I hate eachother, and I like Travis
now. He's wonderful... but too old for me. *sad* But he
doesnt care so its all good. Feb. 27 Tommy hung himself,
and his little brother and sister found him. March 8, Rick
Dial and Jimmy Peile died in a car accident, and Rich is
still in the hospital. The funeral is tonight... i gotta
find a ride. I gotta go I'm really sad about it and not
feeling to social.