hello kitty cat
2002-03-13 23:38:58 (UTC)

my tab button is broken...ehh

So I'm here in my house, Jason is at work. And I decided I
can't live here. I don't want to list all the reasons
why...but let me tell you this, I walk into this house,
whether people are here or not, and I want to puke. It's
such a bad feeling. I miss my Mom. I called the place she
called me from in January, and the guy said she isn't there
anymore. He said that he had seen her in town an hour
earlier and he'd tell her I wanted to talk to her. Joe had
a heart attack, the guy on the phone said he wont die, but
that not everything is going over well. My Mom is living in
Joes brothers garage again. She still doesn't have a job. I
take it she's OK though because she got over whatever cold
she had in January. I keep having these visions of calling
someone in PA and finding out she's dead. If she had her
act together I could call her. She could help me. But she
can't. Pennsylvania is like a huge void. There is no coming
back. Everyone that didn't get out is stuck. No emotion. No