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2001-05-12 17:22:39 (UTC)


so in the misdst of painting it seems that Neysa called like
ten times. It seems that she is a little lonely cuz, karina
spends alot of time with Jason. I wanted to see if she would
pick me up- cuz I drive everywhere and she has a car now-
although she probably would have used the excuse- everyone
just uses me for my car boohoo. but she just said- it's
really out of my way. Way to make me feel guilty!! she is
just a little self centrered in my opinion. so I end up
painting until 6:45 then I went to church for a "ladies
night out" until around 11pm- I got a massage, a pedicure
and a little gift basket. not to mention some good desert.
it was fun- then Neysa and I rented "what women want" it was
funny- a little cruel sometimes though. yeah- so I stayed
over there until 2:15 . Karina got home at 2:05 lol- so then
I drove home- and stopped at the drive through cuz I was
hungry. I went for a little drive, and thought about music
etc. I should really sit down and just brainstorm for my
next songs. I woke up this morning with Jon's song in my