Life is like a bowl of Cherries
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2002-03-13 20:35:32 (UTC)


So, last Friday was a beautiful day. It was just
incredible. It was warm, not just warm compared to the
usual march weather, but really warm. I was home alone. We
had some kind of 'Professional Development Day' which
simply means the teachers have to be at school but the
students don't. I think they get lectures or something...
sort of like ' what goes around comes around' I guess...
Anyways, back to my day. It was beautiful. It was a little
windy, but it was warm wind. So I brought my big brother's
cd player out side and turned on my Mercy Me cd... you have
to listen to this one song... I know everyone buys it
for "I Can Only Imagine" but listen to the one.. I think
its number 9, but I could be wrong (i usually am).. its
like "I will worship the one who threw the stars to the
night... " its a good song, and it has a good beat. Very
danceable. Anyways, I turned that on and I went and had a
picnic in my back yard! It was so nice out! And I jumped on
the trampoline for the first time since we got it fixed
after my 14th birthday party. And after a while I was just
laying there on the trampoline.. and I was like "Wow, God
is so awesome.. he can create such a beautiful day in the
beginnning of March.. Thank you, God. " and right as I was
thinking that, the wind blew really strong and it was like
God was saying "I hear your thoughts, you're welcome" It
was actually physcially feeling God. It was amazing :)

So the Easter Pageant is going good. We opened Sunday, and
we've been doing it every night since then, and every night
until next friday except for saturdays. Its so awesome
though, its like, every night, we've got to perform it as
if its never been performed before... The people in the
audience don't care how good or bad last nights show was..
and they don't care how tired the actors are. Besides, its
not about us. Its not really about them either. Its not
about the big church or how many people will have seen it
by the end of the run.. Its about God. They are there and
we are there, and we're performing for them for God. Some
of them don't know God and its like... we have to keep our
focus on God and keep our hearts in check, and then let God
work on them through us.

"In every victory let it be said of me... my source of
strength, my source of hope.. is Christ alone."