writings on the wall
2002-03-13 19:09:09 (UTC)

Keane's mystery girl

i think i must be too bored here. every night (well,
almost) i will be chatting with Ken online. i feel like i
am falling in love with him, wonder if it is my
imagination. he asked me if we are awhile ago & i said i
don't know. told him about Keane asking me to be his sex
partner & he admitted that he was jealous. believe it or
not, i was happy hearing that!

don't know if i should tell Keane about Ken. afraid
that it'll spoil things between us. guess i must be
selfish. it feels like i am 2-timing Ken although we are
not really in a r'ship. but i did tell Ken about Keane &
he said that it's best that we don't mention about Keane
altogether. now i know how Keane feels when he said that
he feels guilty. this is exactly how i felt now...

Keane had phone sex with a girl & they are having sex
this weekend. feel so excited for him but kinda wish that
i am in her shoes. i guess i am really desperate for sex.
mystery girl is a virgin, interesting. first one-night-
stand for him so wish him all the best.

mystery girl is a virgin in terms that she had not
have intercourse before but she had anal sex. interesting
huh? how can a person have anal sex before having the real
thing? maybe she wanted to save it up for her husband or
whatever crap excuses, but then come to think of it, that
must not be the reason since she agreed to fuck Keane

what is this? am i jealous that Keane is fucking her?