writings on the wall
2002-03-13 19:00:09 (UTC)


sometimes i really wonder why i bother attending
lectures. not that i understand what the shit the lecturer
is talking about, not that i don't care. it's just that my
attention span is like 5 minutes & the non-comprehend part
doesn't help either. sometimes i wonder if i did the right
thing by coming here. what the hell, i can always finish
my degree back home & now i am stuck for 2 years here.

why the hell did i choose finance? because i thought
accounting was difficult and i didn't know what other
options i had. now, i can't cope with what the Business
Finance lecturer was saying, i didn't finish my tutorial
in time (because i thought we were supposed to do the Qs
in the textbook instead of the workbook). IFA is even
worse, sometimes i really wonder how do those accounting
and auditors survive all this torturous lectures. *sigh*
which reminds me that i haven't done my tutorial for this
afternoon yet & it's already 6am in the morning. shit!