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2002-03-13 17:17:37 (UTC)

SPRINGBREAK!!! kinda...

Well its wendsday here in south texas and such is spring
break. Don't have much of a spring break because of work,
but its not like I don't have one at all. Out side the sun
is bright, beconing for this night cat to come out and
play. And I think that's exactly what I am going to do.

Humm...my life is going good. I'm already missing a specal
someone thought I've seen them recently. Work is easy, and
thursday we get our bonus checks for the past year as well
as our regular checks. Needless to say I will be in the
money : )

Oh btw I'm a little excited about something, don't know
why...don't even know if I would do it. But it seems a
great thing.


Read that...it seems many furs have gotten a hold of it.
It excites some, makes others think, and turns off the
rest. But isn't that anything in life.

School is going great I look forward to my internship down
at the courthouse. The best thing also is that it will
run while FIESTA is on so I'll be downtown in the middle of
everything. If you've never been to FIESTA your missing

The only down side I guess, is that I haven't seen another
fur in...I believe 5 months. I've noticed that here, and I
guess its probably just me but, the furs don't really have
that togetherness that other cities have. Makes me really
want to travel up to Austin and check out the furs there.
There seems to be many and they are doing things all the
time. I do miss Mal, emmy, and ed(though I've only seen
him ones he was too cool), but I'm sure I'll see them

Well anyway, that's all for now see ya! STAY FURRY!!!