What's up now?
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2002-03-13 16:40:42 (UTC)


What's up kiddies!? Okay so it's Tuesday...I woke up with
a rotten feeling, that the day was going to be bad...It
started off a little rough...My shower was soo hot I
thought I was being burned, then my pouf totally unravelled
in the midst of my shower...but the sun was shining and it
was relatively warm, so it was okay...the rest of the way
pretty normal...I even got to learn to play the guitar in
my music class!!! I got a B on my math exam, and a 96 on
my music midterm!! I was psyched :) yipppeee :) I aim to
do better on my math test next time...but I may go talk to
her about some of the problems and see what she has to
say...we'll see :) Hmm...what else happened today? I went
to library a LOT, and I went tanning, oh and then went and
worked now I have a beautiful mind and a beautiful
body...haha riiight....anyways...I guess thats about
it...the week is rolling in quite nicely, and only 3 more
days and I'll be back in heaven :) Okay so maybe not
heaven, but I'll be partying hard with the girls :)
Yipppeee!!! I miss you all already! I love how much we
have seen eachother lately :) Yea for that :)

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