The lost little girl
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2002-03-13 16:21:47 (UTC)


well i leave in like 18 hours or something like that. I
finally figured out that when we get in we are going to my
sister's house. my mom is sending a box with us that she was
supposed to send out, but it won't cost anything if we just
take it with us!
i haven't been doing a whole lot. pretty much just hanging
out with chris. renting movies..stuff like that. here's just
a few we rented over the days : house on haunted hill,
A.I.,Snake Eyes, 200 cigarettes, three to tango, along came
a spider, Bill Cosby, 15 minutes,a knights tale and three
kings. i had seen some of those before that! i mean just
hanging out with people, you know. and what's cool is i got
to see Aggie last night. you might now know aggie, but he's
well i have some packing to do and what not...so i guess i
will write to you guys when i get back since i prolly won't
be able to when i'm there. i love you guys, you're my
sanity. thanks for listening...-janie

Daily quote:
"i love you , i mean..ofcourse i love you, you're a
wonderful person jane. i've always thought that...no
seriously i have!"- ( i'm not telling )