random thoughts
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2002-03-13 16:18:07 (UTC)


I think the worst thing in life is wondering. Not so much
curiosity, but the wondering, the not knowing. Like with
people it can be the worst. Say for instance you ask
someone something, and they tell you one thing, like they
dont like wayne or somethin like that, well of course youre
gonna believe them, cuz trust is what friendship is all
about, but then they bust out some entry on this diary
thing which says all this stuff about wayne and how they
cant wait to meet his family and all this stuff. Well you
sit there and are torn between what they said and what you
read, and youre left with....wondering. Maybe its all just
part of being a human being, having this insecurity when it
comes to what people think about u. not that i give a rip
what some stranger thinks of me and lonnie when we take our
shirts off in a movie theater because its a little warm,
but when you open up to someone and tell them things about
your "feelings" and they say all the right things back to
you, and you feel like you trust what they say, but then
one little diary entry can throw everything back in the air
again, leaving you with...wondering. That's the stuff that
really can shake a person up. And i'm even a secure person.
well hmm, gives you somethin to think about huh, a little
somethin to..wonder about.