Incoherent Thoughts...
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2002-03-13 16:15:40 (UTC)

Apple Jacks and Jerry Springer

Music: Island in the sun by: Weezer

Ah yes, so yesterday was the famed hair appt. and i got a
new cut. I think it looks pretty good, my hair used to be
so huge i could never wear it down, but now, thanks to the
miraclous scisors, i can. =) It just makes it hard to put
up..oh well. Scarifices must be made. Had plans today to
go down to Queen st. In toronto with friends but we wanted
to go to the science center first and thanks to the strike
we can't. So, here i am at home. But i woke up at 7
expecting to go and ended up not so i am tired. =P Well, my
mom figured since i am not going she wants to take me down
to see my grandparents. I suppose it'll be a nice visit and
i'll be home in time to go out tonight, so today is not a
total waste.

This morning i woke up and enjoyed a bowl of Apple jacks
mmmm good stuff. It was relief from what i was forced to
watch by my sister. she seems to have some strange twisted
addiction to Jerry Springer. It's on a cable channel at 10
in the morning so she sits there,'s scary.
Still hyped for this weekend, trying to figure out how i am
getting there and who is going to be generous enough to let
me stay at thier house...(ashley i love you...)and most
importantly, who is driving. I know i'm not, but we'll
see. Maybe i'll walk...

lonely/ wondering why/if only,my hands weren't tied/ noone
listens, but i'm ok with it. -OLP

For now, forever,

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