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Somewhat Pathetic Life
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2002-03-13 10:53:54 (UTC)

Oui, Wee's bitching...

Yeah, baby! I've completed my English assignment. I guess
I'm kind of happy. I hope I could finish the others soon so
I could study for my exams which will be like, in a month's
time. I actually can't believe the fact that I am more
hardworking than the previous semesters! Boy, that's
surprising. A pleasant surprise, of course! Today, my
classmate, Wee was bitching about her textbook. There's this
textbook which we have the choice of buying it or not. Most
of us don't know where to buy it, so we ordered the
xerox-version. A girl went up to the teacher, asking where
we could get the book and told her that we couldn't get it
so we are planning to get it photocopied. Then, Wee, the
stupid bitch started bitching. "Oh, so that's why Nigel kept
my book for so long..." Then she said something about
plagiarism or something then told us all to pay a fee of 1
dollar. All of us couldn't be bothered. So, i left the
class. She was like, totally bitching about that. If I knew
that dumbass Nigel borrowed her book to photocopy, I
wouldn't have ordered a photocopied one from him! This world
is full of stupid, little pathethic people. Gosh, there's
like lightning and thunders and it's started to rain....I
better log off or my PC might get struck or something....

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