worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2002-03-13 07:11:14 (UTC)


He shoved the handle of a feather duster up my ass and
another one down my throat. He watched as i dusted the
house by shaking my head or squatting and shaking my ass.
He was amused, but decided i make a lousy maid.

He had been treating me like a dog but decided i wasn't
learning enough that way. i adjusted too quickly to the
collar, the tail, and eating out of a dog bowl. Even
relieving myself outside became routine and no longer had
the desired effect on my ego.

Then he turned me into a cow. Through a series of
treatments my skin was bleached white. He then took
careful time drawing black patches on my skin with a thick
permanent marker. A cow nose is permanently attached to my
face. Every night a pump is attached to my "udders" to
make them grow huge and produce milk. He milks me and puts
it on his cereal and in his coffee. i wear a cow bell
and "moo" when i want something. If i don't move quickly
enough for him, he uses a cattle prod on my ass. i was
forced to become a vegetarian. He takes me out into fields
and "tips" me into mud. He doesn't believe cows have
orgasms so neither did i for the first month of this.

i made such a good cow he decided to reward me. i was
transformed back into a female slave and told there was a
small chance he would let me orgasm once during the next
week. It was up to me to earn it. Just being an obedient
slave would not be enough. i had to beg him to humiliate
and torture me and give him new and creative ways of doing

First i begged him to torture me in ways and areas that had
been neglected while being a cow. i begged him to whip my
pussy raw and electrocute my clit until i screamed. He
did. i asked him to take me to a mall while i wore a
skimpy sun dress with nothing under it and at his command i
was to lift the dress and show the onlookers that i wasn't
wearing panties. He did. In a similar dress i had him
bring me to a park and leave me there with a pen and a
paddle; i could not walk home until i had 20 stranger
paddle my ass 10 times and then sign my body as proof. i
asked him to take me to restaurants while wearing diapers
and forced to drink large quantities of liquid and having
to wet myself while seated at the table. He did. i asked
him to string me up by my tits and tickle me mercilessly
for hours. He did. i begged him on bended knee to shove
ice-cubes up my pussy, a monster dildo up my ass, put
clothespins on my nipples, force my mouth over a door-knob
and leave me there. He did. i begged him to piss all over
me and have me piss all over myself and then sleep naked in
our piss while he took pictures of me and called me a dirty
whore. He did. i begged him to let me orgasm for him. He
did not.

Another month went by with my as his cow. This time he
invited more of his friends over to laugh at me and torture
my udders. All i could do was moo. They shoved the cattle
prod up my ass to see how loud i could moo. They came on
my food to give it flavor. The colored in my faded patches
and wrote "Fat Cow" across my forehead. Whenever one of
them said "Moo Bitch" i had to moo loudly and make my
udders sway and bounce. They milked me until my udders
were bruised and dry. i slept in mud.

Another week i was given to beg for climax. i begged him
to fuck me with a chainsaw. He grinned, be careful what
you wish for. He stretched me on a rack until my limbs
were almost ripped from their sockets then beat me with a
bamboo cane. He lead me around the neighbor naked except
for a collar and leash. He burned my clit with a cigar.
He spent hours sitting on my face slapping my tits. He
gave my massive soapy enemas and spanked me while i held
them. He came on my face and took pictures of me. He
forced a vibrating egg up my ass but it wasn't enough to
let me orgasm. He threatened to put me in a chastity belt
for a year. He tied me to a chair and had me watch myself
being tortured. All i could do was cry out of
frustration. He locked me in a cage with my hands tied
above me so i couldn't touch myself. He hosed me down with
freezing water on a regular basis. He gave me one chance
to cum, if i told him the most painful and humiliating way
imaginable to do it...

Put clamps on my nipples and clit with electricity running
through them. Put a huge vibrator in my ass and turn it on
high. Put a circle of clothespins around my tits and along
my thighs. Tie my arms painfully behind me. Spread my
legs until the almost break. Put a cathedar in me and fill
my bladder with your piss. Cum onto my face several
times. Videotape all of this. Shove tampons up my nose.
Force me to scream "i am a worthless fat ugly pain-loving
cow" repeatedly. Increase the voltage on the clamps if i
say it wrong. Tie my hair to the ceiling. Invite people
over to whip me during the process and call me degrading
names. Force me to keep my eyes open. Then use one small
dildo slowly in my pussy and make me hold back my orgasm
for 30 minutes before i can cum for you. Every minute i
cum early, is one month without being allowed to orgasm
again. The rest of the treatment is to continue for
several hours with no additional climaxes.
You reluctantly agree; with one small catch. i must
balance on my toes the entire time and hold an egg in each
hand. If my heals or either egg touch the floor before it
is time to orgasm, i will not be allowed to cum at all. i
ask for how long. You smile, for ever.