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2002-03-13 07:01:02 (UTC)

cyber sex in the am 0:-)

I'm in an AIM chat room and gettin no play. Why is it that
all the guys out there want phone sex and not just some hot
slutty chat. I need that every once in awhile. Its nice
to have someone talking to you like you are the most
wonderful sex partner on the planet, and it comes with no
involvement past the chat room. Its a wonderful way of
getting the desired satisfaction that you need without the
strings. I already have strings. So does it mean that I'm
cheating on Eric if I chat dirty with someone else? I dont
see it that way. I know he doesn't like it though. He has
seen me in yahoo adult chat and gotten mad. He doesn't
like guys talking to me like I'm a piece of meat, but hey,
maybe I like the way they talk to me and if thats the only
way they see me, I'm cool with it. I get what I want.
Should that make him feel inadiquate? I dont think so. Oh
well, I think I found someone who will tell me what I want
to hear. I'll talk to you cats and kittens later.