2002-03-13 05:30:34 (UTC)


WOW I just thought I would send out a quick update. There
isn't too much to say besides chris did dump me, we are
going to talk on Saturday.

on to more exciting topics, I started work on the Easter
Play set tonight and it is going to be phenominal. I am so
thrilled about it. This is going to blow all of the other
plays that we have done in the past out of the water and I
will get to be offstage to watch and completely enjoy it
all. There is no better set up. I am just so
excited...plus, we are ahead of budget by almost 100
bucks. That will kick in at the last minute for a cast and
crew pizza party is my guess. That would work for me. I
am just trying to get used to the idea that we have a
budget in the first place, and now it might buy us FOOD!!
All I can say is what a wonderful life.

Guys and dolls first read though was long and filled with
tears. Honestly, it's not that sad of a show, but
hey...that's life. I am excited about the dancing and
singing. That's what life is about... expression: and
dancing and singing are two of the greatest forms of
expression. So I will have a good time, and there couldn't
be a better group of girls for me to dance w/. I love all
my hot box girls. WOO HOO.

New York is in 10 days. I would be excited, but I still
don't have the money. Any ideas?? they're welcome as long
as they aren't like Sandra's "just sell yourself" comment.
That is not nor will it ever be on my plan list for making
it to sing in NYC. thanks anyway. Well im about to jet,
but goodnight and ROCK ON HARDCORE!!!!!!!!!!!