World of Abstract Concrete
2002-03-13 03:43:28 (UTC)


I thought i was clear, out of that San Francisco
weather. I could see a particular guy's eyes. They were
open. I couldn't help but ponder what might have been
behind them. The struggle continued to make his eyes'
opacity lessen to view its background. Finding the set
opacity, i rushed to see his teeth glowing in between his
wide smile. The fog has left and his eyes have matched with
Now, I'm caught in a daze upon the things i should have
done. The time i had to tell him, was wasted. He never came
around. So while he walks the corners with her curly hair,
my tears drown my eyes. When my eyes trigger my mind to
think only of him, i'll know it's because of her. I'll stay
around the corner, maybe the day will come for me to walk.